Awareness and Use of Open Access Journals by Agricultural Scientists

Antoo K D, Raman Nair R


The paper is an attempt to understand the awareness and use of open access journals by agricultural scientists. The sample population is faculty members working in three agricultural universities of Kerala State, India.  Their responses on various aspects concerned were analyzed. It revealed that 88% of the respondents are aware of OA journal publishing, 72% researchers cite articles from open access journals and 50% of the scientists disseminate research findings in one or other open access journals. Increase in the visibility of articles published in open access journals is found to be one of the most important reasons for publishing research articles in OA journals.  In contrary, high rate of article processing fee (APC) and low quality of OA journals compared to subscribed ones is a reason for not publishing in OA journals. The article recommends for adoption of national level open access mandate by the agricultural scientists to increase open access publishing in the field of agricultural sciences.


Open Access, Open Access Journals, OA Publishing, OA Policies. Research. Agriculture, Kerala, User Studies

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