Online Version of Journal Informatics Studies will be Available for the period from January 2022 Only

Online Version of Journal Informatics Studies will be Available for teh Period from January 2022 Only

ISSN office has directed in December 2022 that unless (P) or (Print) is to be suffixed to ISSN number of Print occurring in all papers and all place in the online journal for the period from 2014 –2022  ISSN to online version of the journal will not be provided.

As it will take much time and other technical complications to comply with this direction from ISSN India Office, huge effort of editors, approval of concerned  for each and every reformated paper etc  we have un-published  all the issues of online versions of the journal from the first issue to December 2021.  Issues of the journal since January 2022 and future issues only will be available online now.

1. All the existing subscriptions for online archives/back files 5 years /10 years are cancelled with immediate effect. 

2. Full payments received from purchasers of Archive will be refunded immediately on request.

3. Subscribers of Archives  (Online Full Set or for 5 /10 years/perpectual access ) will be given a choice to opt for (a) full refund of amount paid  or (b) to receive full set of the bound volumes of the print version of the journal with refund of 40% of cost they paid or (c) receive an digitzed/electronic copy of the same collection with a searchable front end along with refund of 40% of cost they paid. The option of institutional Subscribers needs to be intimated to: within six months. Refund of the subscription amount for archival files will take minimum 24 days from date of application. 

4. The journal users with  'Readers' permission given on complementary basis who have not visited the journal during last one year will be un enrolled with immediate effect. They can request for new user registration for current years’ online version the allotment of which will be based on their expertise and work.

5. Any dispute in the above matters has to be considered by the court having jurisdiction over the CIRD office’s location, in this case Trivandrum.

6. Suggestions, comments and complaints if any can be mailed to the C J Joy, Expert Committee of CIRD through e-mail:

7. Decision of the Executive Council of CIRD the  NGO promoting  the journal can be read at: