Library Discovery System: An integrated approach to resource discovery

Chetan S Sonawane


Discovery tools are the extension of the third generation of library catalogues. Discovery tools provide a single window approach to the segregated resources subscribed by the library. This includes the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), e-resources subscribed by the library, Institutional repository, News papers articles repository, Open Access content and many more. Users of the library expect the library catalogue to function in a way Google functions. The set of available discovery tools are based on the central index which is relied on metadata, full text, or other type of representation of the content item in a library’s collection on which the search result is based and these tools are often referred as “web-scale discovery services”. The discovery layer provide an interface which enables the users to search and retrieve results based on the keywords entered for this purpose and allows to select the desired content. The results thus generated are based on relevancy, faceted navigation, and other features consistent with web-based resources. Some of the index based commercially available discovery tools include Primo and Primo central, EBSCO Discovery Service, Summon and World Cat Discovery, Open source discovery interface includes Blacklight, VuFind, eXtensible catalog and Franklin which are not based on any index-based discovery services and are not capable of searching in open access and the community created central index is not incorporated in it unlike the commercial discovery system discussed above. This paper will try to explore features and standards associated with both the open source and commercially available discovery system.

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