Feasibility Study and Action Plan on Migration from Libsys to Koha at State Central Library, Kerala

A Mohanan, N P Jamsheer, C Manu


Migration of Library Management System (LMS) without the loss of valuable data is a tedious task. There is challenge in data migration, but it also offers opportunity for rectifying existing problems and redesigning the workflow of the library. During the process of system migration a number of improvements  and catalog enrichments can be done. Typographical errors and other problems of the catalogue can be rectified during the process of data migration. The article discusses the problems in library catalogue, challenges and opportunities in data migration and various steps to be taken during the system migration. It  deals with the feasibility of migration from LibSys to Koha based on the existing system in Kerala State Central Library, Trivandrum one of the largest collections in the country. The study suggests various check points to be fulfilled during the process of migration. The authors themselves carried out the system evaluation and feasibility analysis for the migration project and have first hand information regarding the process.

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