AGROVOC and Knowledge Management in Agriculture

Bakker Jane


The paper is a compilation on AGROVOC developed by AIMS, an organ of FAO. AGROVOC is a comprehensive multilingual vocabulary that contains close to 40,000 concepts in over 20 languages covering subject fields in agriculture, forestry and fisheries together with crosscutting themes such as land use, rural livelihoods and food security. It standardizes data description to enable a set of core integration goals: interoperability, reusability and cooperation. AGROVOC also works with other organizations that are using Linked Open Data techniques to connect vocabularies and build the backbone of the next generation of Internet data; data that is marked up not just for style but for meaning. It is maintained by a global community of librarians, terminologists, information managers and software developers using VocBench, a multilingual, web-based vocabulary editor and workflow management tool that allows for simultaneous, distributed editing

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