Semantic Web Technologies for Design and Development of Innovative Library Systems

S Chandrakant, Ms Poonam Mehta


Semantic Web has now an important area of research and development  under Knowledge Mangment.  Library and information systems have now fully entered the Web 2.0. They are facing a new challenge as they are seeking to play a major role in the Web value chain, by empowering their services in the user's flow and making their data work stronger, in a more accessible and reusable way. For this Semantic Web technologies provide valuable opportunities by creating appropriate data models that will be the next generation metadata formats, leveraging new technologies for innovative information systems, or making high-quality level data such as authority data or thesauri available to a wider community. The paper discusses the basic concept of ‘Semantic Web, its goals, architecture, applicability, and select services that can be based on it. Services like user generated content, federated search, QR codes and cloud computing are examined in information service context.  Opines that Semantic Web will give unique power to information seekers for interpreting documents and infer meaning without human intervention in the Knowledge Management and processing scenario. 

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