Pedagogical Informatics (Book Review)

Gilu G. Ettaniyil


The quality and competence of teachers and administrators and their familiarity with the current technologies have become very crucial for sustainable development.  In this context the book ‘Professionalization of Teachers and Institutions’ by Prof. Richard Hay, a conscientious teacher with long experience in India and abroad provides important insights into the academic administration, art of teaching and teacher empowerment through technological innovations. The book is an important resource for all those who are concerned with the quality and integrity of higher education and research. The book discusses ICT enabled teaching, use of a variety of equipments,  easily available educational software, etc that can bring in radical changes in the art and practice of teaching. The author describes numerous teaching aids and equipments that can create a great impact on methods of teaching and considerably enhance its quality.

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Hay, Richard (2016). Professionalization of Teachers and Institutions. New Delhi, Shirpa Publications


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