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Special Issue on Marine Bioinformatics

Greetings from Informatics Studies

Ocean covers about 70 percent of earth’s surface and is home for around one million known species of organisms and millions more microbes. Around 2000 new species are identified per year from ocean revealing the rich biodiversity of marine life. Yet, ocean is highly unexplored in terms of species richness and chemical and molecular diversity. Advancements in informatics has revolutionized marine biological research with generation, management and transmission of information on aquatic realm in time contributing to quality, relevance and speed of research. Use of tools provided by informatics have enabled marine biotechnology to deliver novel therapeutic agents, analytical tools and novel compounds for industrial applications through data generated by research worldwide.

Informatics Studies is publishing special issues focusing on 'Marine Bioinformatics'. The papers on the subject published by the journal will also be collected together in an edited book on the same topic. We seek scholarly contributions (research articles, review articles, perspectives/opinions etc) which can help advance our understanding of marine bioinformatics. Given the complex and cross-disciplines nature of the theme, we welcome different approaches of research, hoping to provide broad theoretical insights and timely practical guidance.

Possible examples of research topics that would be suitable for inclusion into this Special Issue include (but are not limited to):

Introduction to marine-specific reference resources, repositories, databases, registries, documentation systems, marine data management systems

Omics revolution in marine biology: Genomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics, meta-transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, nutrigenomics, omics in discovery of marine resources and exploration of their molecular processes

Biodiversity informatics: Computational tools for modelling and prediction of marine biodiversity, biodiversity loss, distribution pattern of marine organisms, ecological interactions, habitat, genomic approaches for studying and exploring biodiversity in oceans, species identification

Bioinformatics of marine natural and derived products, drug discoveries from marine organisms, Sustainable development by use of marine resources, bioinformatics tools for marine biotechnology

Role of informatics in advancement of marine research, scientometric studies and perspectives, challenges and bottlenecks of marine informatics

The journal Informatics Studies is in its eight year of publication and select issues are accessible at: First issue on 'Marine Bioinformatics" was relased on February, 2022. Manuscripts for the second issue need to be submitted on or before June, 30, 2022. Papers are to be uploaded in the journal site: A copy can be send by e-mail as RTF file attaché.

All submissions will go through the regular peer-review process of Informatics Studies and follow standard norms and processes. For author guidelines you can refer

Editorial Contacts: Dr. Chithra J S, Guest Editor, Informatics Studies, Dept. of Zoology, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram- 695581, India. e-mail: &