Agricultural Informatics

Information is a crucial resource in agriculture, potentially influencing the efficiency of production, marketing, processing and administration; as well as education, research and extension related to these factors. So the development process in agriculture rests heavily on information available to managers, scientists and farmers. Yet this aspect of agriculture gets least consideration and inefficiencies have become obvious in managing this resource. Various attempts to develop Agricultural Research Information Systems in most of the countries have failed due to lack of an integrated approach.

Informatics Studies’ is publishing special issues on Agricultural Informatics to present new developments and results of research on application of Information and Communication Technologies to solve agricultural, biological and natural resource problems. Papers can be uploaded at  For information on time limit of submission etc for next special issue please visit journal site or contact:

Editors: Antonella De Robbio and Pankaj Kumar Ojha.  Advisory Board Egbert de Smet, Ernesto Spinak, Imma Subirats Coll, Girish Kumar T K Alicia Fátima Gómez, Jayapradeep M, and Nuning Kurniasih.