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Perceptions and Attitude of Postgraduate Students Towards Plagiarism: A Case Study

Suresh Kumar PK


The rise of plagiarism cases has become a serious concern in the higher education sector around the world. Hence, a study was carried out to assess and compare the perceptions of PG students about plagiarism to identify the major causes of plagiarism, to examine the role of library professionals in checking plagiarism and to make suggestions for maintaining academic honesty in University of Kerala.  The data for the study was collected from a randomly selected 200 final year PG students in different disciplines. The data analyzed using Chi-Square and ANOVA showed that there is no significant difference (p > 0.05) in the awareness and attitude towards plagiarism with respect to age, gender, place of residence and faculty of study. More than 90% of the PG students have no idea about anti-plagiarism policy and didn’t face any problem of plagiarism during the course of study. Only limited number of students is getting access and support on anti-plagiarism software from the library.  The study showed the carelessness of PG students towards plagiarism calls for the need of proper orientation on plagiarism and citation styles.


Plagiarism, Attitude; Perception; Snit-plagiarism Policy; Plagiarism Detection Software (PDS)

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