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Metagenomic and Bioinformatics Tools for Marine Actinomycetes Genome Mining to Discover Novel Biomolecules

Deepa P Mathew


Microbial secondary metabolites especially from marine actinomycetes are one of the prominent resources for the discovery of novel biomolecules. The major hurdles in the drug discovery from marine actinomycetes are their culture resistance in nature and lack of optimum bioinformatics tools for mining the bacterial genomes for novel biosynthetic genes. The advancement in the field of microbial genomics and bioinformatics that occurred in the last few decades paced up the rate of drug discovery from microbes. Present review focused on the culture independent metagenomic approach and introduces various bioinformatics tools and platforms available for mining the bacterial genomes especially marine actinomycetes to discover  novel biomolecules which can be used for human welfare. 


Bioinformatics, Biosynthetic Gene Clusters, Genome mining, Metagenomics, Biomolecules, Metabolites

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